肢體記號 | 口號標語 | 瞭解紅蘿蔔的N種方法 | 鹿的變相 

「MADE IN TAIWAN政治篇」的創作是受到1990年「三月學運」和「反軍人干政大遊行」的影響,楊茂林深切感受到當時威權統治的內在本質,發展出四個系列:「肢體記號」、「口號標語」、「瞭解紅蘿蔔的N種方法」與「鹿的變相」。「肢體記號」呈現威權體制中的公權力如何受到挑戰;「口號標語」處理軟性的、思想的內容,包括洗腦式宣傳;「瞭解紅蘿蔔的N種方法」批評操控式的教育體制;「鹿的變相」則揭示媒體操弄的醜態。

MADE IN TAIWAN—Political Section | 1989-1991

Limbs-Trunk Sign Section、Slogan Section、N Ways of Understanding a Carrot、The Phantom of A Deer
MADE IN TAIWANPolitical Section was influenced by the Wild Lily student movement and the march against the appointment of General Hao Pei-Tsun as the Premier of the Republic of China, both occurring in 1990. Deeply troubled by the authoritarian government in Taiwan at this time, Yang was inspired to create the four series Limbs-Trunk Sign Section, Slogan Section, N Ways of Understanding a Carrot, and The Phantom of a Deer. The first, Limbs-Trunk Sign Section, presents how the public can challenge the system, Slogan Section deals with brainwashing propaganda, N Ways of Understanding a Carrot is a critique of the manipulative educational system, and The Phantom of a Deer reveals the ugliness of media manipulation.